Tech Guild Projects

Current list of St. Matthew’s Technology Guild’s projects and status

  1. Calendar – while currently active, work is needed on the displaying of the events.  Solicitation of committee events is underway.
  2. QR Scavenger hunt – under development.  Implementation deadline at JKAA on Oct. 27th, 2018
  3. Mobile App renewal – photographs collected.  Images need to be selected from the pool and submitted to Fr. Craig for approval.
  4. Virtual Church Walk-through, mapped out.  Ready to photograph if my body will provide me the opportunity.
  5. Window Featurette – planning.  Need to find Craig’s Window articles from the past.
  6. Digital Bulletin – Completed, functional and really nice.  Looking to automate the process in the future, so it becomes largely self-sustaining.
  7. Audio Recording of Services – on hold.  Need to deliver equipment to the sanctuary to automate the process.
  8. Technical “How-to’s” – two articles published, with graphics, more to come.
  9. Recurring Payments – planning.  Need partners to sign on to mitigate liability.
  10. Social Media outreach – rebuilding from stasis.  Process is going well.  The publication of eNewsletters and digital bulletins has created a stir.
  11. Digital Marketplace – working with Sandy to get lists of items to offer.
  12. Home Visitation Reading – made available on the Mobile App.

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