Access and Use the SMEC Directory

The purpose of this documentation is to familiarize yourself with the abilities of the St. Matthew’s Directory function of the Mobile Application.

The first step is to identify the St. Matthew’s Mobile App on the screen of your device.

When you find it, touch it to open it up.

This will take you to the home screen of the application. You should see the Directory icon at the bottom of the screen.

Touch the icon to access the directory.

The first time that you access the directory, it will ask you for a code. If you don’t know the code, please ask a member of the church staff or vestry. Several members of the congregation, also have the code.

Once you enter the code, touch “SUBMIT” beneath where you entered the code.

There is a license agreement you must accept to enter the directory.
You must check the little grey box to the left of the statement “I have read and agree to above Terms and Conditions”

Then click “ACCEPT”.

You may take a tour, if you wish.

To take the tour, touch “NEXT,” otherwise touch “END TOUR.”

For the purpose of these instructions, let’s take the tour.

Press “NEXT” and the App will take you on a short guided tour of the directory.

There is a search bar where you can search for names.
This shows that there are both family and staff in the directory.
If you information is incorrect, please contact the administrator.

Right now, our administrator is Beth Drury. However, if you just notifiy the Church office, we will get that information fixed, added and updated for you.

There is a special icon that tells you when someone is an administrator.
There are icons next to the names of the people.

You can send an email, call them or open a map for their address, if this information is available.

If you click on the listing itself, you can see the full listing for that family.
If you click on this icon, it will make you a PDF (An Adobe File) of the entire directory to print out!
Once you have entered the code and taken the tour, they will not appear again.

This will be your openning screen next time you access the Directory.

You can click on a letter on the right side to jump to a surname beginning with that letter.

In this case, I have selected “T.” It jumps to the family members with the last name starting with a “T.”

I have selected the “Theriot” family. They are beautiful people and very willing to assist you in your information needs for the Mobile Application…even the youngest.

I’m going to give them a call by clicking on the telephone number.

Prior to making the call, your phone will ask you for verification.

This concludes our instruction. I hope you get the most out of our directory.

Feel free to contact the Church Office at

243 Barrow Street
Houma, LA 70360
Phone: 985-872-5057
Fax: 985-876-8797

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