About The Tech Guild

The Technology Guild’s mission is simple:  To take the Lord’s Word and Grace we celebrate at St. Matthew’s to the Internet so that many may share in what we have here.The Technology Guild has produced recordings and photos of baptisms, receptions, media events, funerals, building construction and much more.  Additionally, the Guild has facilitated a number of press releases for various events with the local print and electronic media outlets.

Donations accepted for the Technology Guild as well as the rest of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church and School can securely be made here:  http://bit.ly/Donate_to_SME.

The Guild is currently looking to expand and improve its equipment used to produce recordings of the Mass and push these on-line in a near real-time situation.  However, we cannot do this without your help.

Current list of projects and their respective status.

Jay C. Theriot
Technology Outreach Missionary
Serving the Digital Congregation

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