Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to the First Ever! QR Scavenger Hunt hosted by St. Matthew’s Episcopal Technology Guild.

The game is afoot!

Game Information

The objective is to scan as many #JKAA QR Codes as possible in the shortest amount of time.

To scan a QR Code, you must complete the activity at that QR Location.

The winner will be judged on two criteria:

1. Scanning the largest number of QR Codes.
2. In the case of a tie in #1, then the shortest amount of time from scanning the first to the last will be the deciding factor.

The QR Code will take your phone to the QR Scavenger Hunt web page on the Technology Guilds Servers!

Prize! The top Prize will be a $25 gift card.

To maximize your enjoyment at #JKAA, please pre-register here! The full site will not be active until Saturday Morning at Just Kids at Art!

The SME Technology Guild has donated time, talent, effort and a $25 gift cart to be awarded to the winner.

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Father, husband, sinner, humble servant. I try to use my talents for the good of humanity. I am Christian, but do not disparage the beliefs of others. We all need to find our way, our tao. I have a wealth of technology knowledge, currently employed to help manage a network of 19,000 systems for a major medical chain.

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