“Sharing a New Song” will be performing at 9 am Friday, April 20th for a single performance.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal School has fallen into luck. Good luck for you, too. There website https://www.sanschorus.org/ states “Sharing A New Song celebrates the human spirit through choral music.”

The choir performed on the evening of April 18th at Big Al’s here in Houma.  Based in Boston, Massachusetts , the choir travels the world and the US spreading intercultural understanding and lasting relationships.

Please, join us in a celebration of the Spirit.

Les Amis de la Chanson – Concert Program

All are welcome to join us as the singers of Les Amis de la Chanson return to St. Mathews for a third time on Sunday afternoon, April 15 at 4 pm.

Sunday, April 15, 4:00 PM
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

Holy, Holy, Holy Arr. Dan Forrest
God So Loved the World Arr. Carl J. Nygard Jr.
Healer of My Heart Robert White Johnson and Jim Robertson,
Arr. Camp Kirkland
Shenandoah/Deep River Arr. Sonja Poorman and Berta Poorman
Kyrie Jay Althouse
Anthem For Spring Pietro Mascagni
Ose Shalom John Leavitt
How Great Thou Art Arr. Dan Forrest
Offertory John Ness Beck
Rock of Ages Michael Cox
Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place Lanny Wolfe
God Bless America Irving Berlin