Book Club Recommendation – A guided journey through four soul-shaping books.

Fr. Craig Dalferes is recommending that you look at

I do say this does look very interesting.   There page says: “Join Renovaré team members and fellow sojourners in the annual online Renovaré Book Club, beginning October 23, 2017.

Why do I attend church?

With my journey through extreme spasticity I incur tremendous pain in virtually everything I do. But the physical pain of the disease is nothing compared to the spiritual unquiet of not having Christ in my life.

I am not alone in those experiencing tremendous pain in the attendance of a Mass. I have long held the belief that in your darkest times your spiritualism will be a beacon of light over shining all that is dark in your world. The biggest thing that I have found to be true in the months since December, that is the onset of the disease, is that this is true beyond true.

Please, feel free to join in the quieting of the seas every Sunday at St. Matthew’s.

Thanks and God bless,

Jay C. Theriot

St. Matt’s Photos — Help Needed! Please!

If anyone would like to volunteer for an hour or two during any of the “free” times, please contact Beth Drury by using the form below (don’t forget to hit submit at the bottom of the form).

Help is needed from 2 pm until 6pm on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 12th and 13th and from 11 am until 6 pm on Saturday October 14th.

You may volunteer for as much time as you like, but committing for an hour block at a time would be greatly appreciated.

The work is a matter of greeting and pulling the correct card and getting them to sign a release.

Beth Drury

Sunday 10/8/2017 –Mass Canceled–

Hello friends:

Please know that our Sunday service will be cancelled due to the predicted landfall of “Nate.” I’m hoping the storm will be minimal, but given the uncertainty in the forecast models, the safest approach is to plan to stay put Sunday morning. Please do not hesitate to contact me if after the event you need help of some kind. Church office is 985-872-5057. My mobile is 985-790-1086.

I encourage you to check out, on Sunday morning. It’ll walk you through Morning Prayer. You can access it through your pc, or if you have the St. Matt’s App, you can access it through your mobile phone. Just press “Faith Resources”. Then, “Morning/Evening Prayer.”

Be blessed, and stay safe.

God bless,

Fr. Craig