Jr. High Rally Registration – RSVP Becky

The online registration for Jr. High Rally is officially open! Rally is designed by the DYLC to be a fun, relaxing retreat weekend that combines presentations by youth, small group discussion, and worship with games, activities, music, and fellowship. The dates for the weekend are April 15-17th.

For more information please email me at mmclennon@edola.org. Scholarships are available for the event.

Please share this with your youth. Also please be sure to have them sign the permission slip for the weekend. Here is the link:


All the best,

Marvin McLennon
Diocesan Youth Minister
205 North 4th Street
Baton Rouge, LA

Maundy Thursday

In antiquity, it was the last day that Christ, our Messiah walked the Earth a free man.  He was captured in the garden of Gethsemane.  His friends and colleagues initially defended him, then denied him.

It is a story of fiercely standing by your best friend and mentor only to turn your back on him when it really counts.  Undoubtedly, the disciples felt tremendous guilt for abandoning their leader in his time of need.

The Bible indicates that the Triduum had to happen in the manner it did so that all the world could be saved from sins.

Join us at 7 pm tonight at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, on the corner of Barrow and Belanger streets in Houma, La for the first Mass in the Triduum.

Beginning at 8 and ending at midnight will be a silent vigil in the cathedral.  Security will be provided. You may come and go at will and all are welcome to spend time in reverence and introspection.

Hope to see you there!

God Bless!

Jay C. Theriot

Easter Vigil Plans

Hello friends:

Our plans for the Easter Vigil service are coming together! I’m really looking forward to it! Bishop Thompson will be our Celebrant and Preacher. He’ll also be confirming and receiving folks into the Church.

A few things to note:

A light reception will be offered in the Parish Hall at 6:45, in advance of the Easter Vigil service, which begins at 7:30 PM on Saturday, March 26.

Those being Confirmed or Received

Amelia Castell (C), Emma Westbrook (C), Charles Dalferes (C), Kalli Willett, Jacob Castell (R), Mary Levon (R), Megan Lodrigue (R), David West (R), Mindy DeHart (R), Tandy Webb (R), Tina West (R), Angel Arvello (R), Leonard Stennett (R), Jennifer Breaux (R), Myron Levon (R).
All being confirmed or received should arrive at 7 PM, for a brief rehearsal in the church. The Bishop will speak with ya’ll before the service.

The following will serve as readers:

Allen Alexander (St. John’s)—Genesis 1:1 – 2:2)
Jay Theriot (St. Matthew’s)—Exodus 14.10-15.1)
Allen Marcel (St. Andrew’s)—Isaiah 55:1-11
Hilda Blanchard (St. Matthew’s)—Zephaniah 3:14-20
Becky Becnel (St. Matthew’s)—Romans 6.3.-11 and Psalm 114

Clergy Roles
Bishop Thompson will Celebrate and Preach
Rev. Clingenpeel will offer the Collect following each musical offering
Rev. Stephen Crawford will Cantor the Exultet
Deacon Obier will read the Gospel and prepare the altar
Fr. Craig will carry the paschal candle into the church, and present confirmands
Rev. Doug Lassiter will be presenting Angel and Leonard for Reception

The Offering that night will be designated for the Bishop’s Fund,